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TechCentrica has emerged as one of the Leading Digital Marketing company which is based in Noida with a presence in Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in high-end services in the spectrum of Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Online Reputation Management. TechCentrica believes in partnering with the customers over the long-term through the flexible business procedure and delivery models.

How the right Digital Marketing strategy can help your business.

It can be very difficult to integrate your brilliant digital marketing tactics successfully with your web design. Why? Why? Well, it's of no use when you've created the most enticing text, but the actual website is guilty of that user experience and web design errors. In reality, when this is sadly the case, the conflict has already been lost before it has even started.

With the highly competitive nature of the internet, a well-made website design combined with high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) has never been a more effective key to a positive online presence.


  • Increased Traffic

The SEO friendly website will help create a steady flow of traffic that will increase the popularity and confidence of online customers. This confidence is invaluable in maintaining and retrieving online shoppers' returns, and by cleverly integrating keywords and content, companies can draw better-qualified traffic and sales as a result.


  • Better Ranking

If SEO is kept in mind when developing an e-commerce site from the outset, the company's website pages will begin to rank from the outset across all major SEO players such as GoogleBingAsk.com, and Yahoo. Prepackaged web design models can be quickly wooed, because the Web is riddled with them, so it is worth investing in a website that can be used by customers.


  • Boosted ROI

E-Commerce companies will increase their return on investment by introducing SEO right from the start of the design process of the website. The generation of highly focused e-commerce traffic will have a major and positive impact on business revenues.


  • Website Speed

When you use your website to drive company sales, this is of special importance to you. In reality, Amazon came out and said that a page load delay of 1 second might cost the company as much as $1.6 billion a year in missed revenue. This is simply because users are going to leave a website that is loading too slowly. Google has noted that this is a major user experience issue and therefore looks more favorable on sites that are loaded faster.



Successfully finding the right balance between web development and SEO strategies is not always easy, but start close to home and start to find out which simple changes might make a big difference for your target customer. Combining both innovation and strategic SEO preparation, businesses may create websites that are aesthetically pleasing, highly / easily accessible, and that achieve a high search engine ranking.


If you want to create a website that not only looks fantastic but also ranks well, work with a company that's well versed in SEO and web design/development. TechCentrica is a Digital Marketing Company in Noida specializing in the design and development of the websites of its clients. As a Web Development Company, they develop a stunning web presence with an effective search engine optimization strategy. They offer a comprehensive suite of SEO and web development services.

Ensuring the Right Digital Delivery Experience


TechCentrica is a prestigious digital marketing and software solution provider in India. With 7 years of experience in this industry, we can proudly say that we are a proactive and personable company. We help companies to grow by ensuring an excellent digital presence through our extraordinary online services.


We are also proud to say that we have successfully completed projects in collaboration with MNC's, corporates, and government projects by preparing strategies, and on planning and executing them. Throughout our journey, we have expanded our services to vast domains, and as a result, we stand out as an all-in package solution to all your problems in the digital space. We provide services in.


Digital Marketing - Our digital marketing services make sure that your business has a sure presence on the internet, and is maintaining a sound connection with clients. Our services can act as a catalyst in binding your relationship with your customers.


Content service - We will provide content for your business, which can help in the promotion and popularisation of your business. We always make sure that the content is rich with details and is pleasing to the reader's eye. With this service, we aim to draw more users towards your business.


SEO Services - We can help you get ahead of your fellow competitors through our Search Engine Optimization services. We assure you 100% that your business takes the prominent seat in search engine result ranking, and our claim is not limited in words. There are hundreds of happy clients satisfied with our promise.


Online reputation management - Online platforms can help you grow your business but also can tank it down by a negative review. A negative review or comment can destroy the goodwill of your company. Our online reputation management can help you from such dishonest activities so that your dreams about your company are not shattered.

Mobile App Marketing- E-commerce is fast-growing, and mobile devices are a major promoter to this trend. Digital marketing through mobile is a smart choice you can take in this decade to ensure your business rises high. Most firm’s own e-commerce applications for their company, but their investment goes in vain without proper promotion. Through our services, we will ensure that your application gets the download it deserves.


Web design and development - We also have a class-leading web designing and development team dedicated to creating and deploying websites that are tailored as per client demand. We promise a website with the best UI and UX and superior functionality so that users get the premium surfing experience for your business. This strategy alone can make your business rank high on competition.


E-commerce solution - Along with e-commerce services, we also provide promotional services for the same. We can help in strengthening your relationship with customers through positive reviews, creative catalogues, and several other methods.

What makes TechCentrica a Technically- Centered company?


By the end of peppy 2018, Information technology again ruled over the world, welcoming advanced technologies by the pass of each day.

For an IT company, the portfolio of its work is an asset. Looking back, the competition in the market was lesser in degree as compared to the present scenario. The urge for an IT company from the client is growing with the growth of the latest trends in the market.

An IT company is an alike graven image for the user who deadly wants to meet their requirements according to the latest ongoing trends. Let’s talk about refurbishing the company’s website. What it needs? Just a few hours to modify it? Indeed, a few hours only, but behind that hidden time, a lot of skilled people boil their heads in hot oil.

But yes, in the end-user needs a well-constructed website or a Mobile application for their business. They seek for all the services like web hosting, creativeness, alteration in technology you made. The IT industry consists of professionals with a broad spectrum of skill sets, so it’s not so easy for a user to choose the best company.

With the latest trends, the Digital marketing industry has moved ahead. Let’s have a look at the latest trendy things of digital marketing:

1.       More than half of employers want their business high ranked, for which most of them look forward to marketing their business on Social platformsFacebook &Instagram are in demand but when we talk about professional websites, and then yes, LinkedIn is preferable for B-B/ B-C marketing.

2.       It is the responsibility of a digital marketing company to identify &research for the person who impacts your brand. In short, running a campaign by targeting the influencing audience.

3.       New advertising tools such as video marketing, apart from blogs & articles, live promotional videos are in trend to advertise your business.

4.       Above all, content is the crown, written/ spoken content influences the client most. Effective content is the jewel especially, for digital marketers.

Perfect content is the god for all industries. A technically centered company like TechCentrica located at Noida, working on digital marketing or a Website/ software designing & web development always focuses on the excellent content quality for the growth of its client’s business as well as for itself.


Organic Digital Marketing: What does it mean & how can you achieve it


The importance of digital marketing has become quite pertinently obvious for some time. It would seem that almost every company under the sun wants a digital presence, as well as comparable service provisions under a specific price range.

Thankfully, all of this has become possible! But, there are gaps that still remain in terms of the correct way of pursuing marketing.

So, what is the correct way of ensuring marketing?

You may have heard the word ‘organic’ thrown around indicating the growth of a particular company or organization. It generally refers to things that are essentially normative in every way.

But you may probably ask: Digital technologies are inherently artificial, so how come it has a pace and style that indicates an ‘organic’ identity at length?

The True form of Organic Marketing

The business the proposition that a company may possess may differ in accordance with respect to two prominent factors, namely costs and differentiation.

Upon this perspective, the expected growth rate that shall follow the perfect application of all marketing strategies, actions and other factors generally reflect the case of differential growth rates and patterns across different ones at large.

In essence, organic marketing generally refers to the specific decisions of strategies and actions, which shall effectively the most appropriate nature of growth that’s applicable to that very company.

Now, it’s important to see and evaluate how it can be made possible.

Full Knowledge and Understanding about the Business

Generally speaking, there are many different points for differentiation that exists in the case for considering the amount of knowledge that’s required for performing marketing in any company.

But, this may differ in accordance to what the company may or may not want to divulge. However, it’s necessary to understand that holistic cognizance is an extremely challenging proposition that needs to be realized.

Exceptionally speaking, it’s greatly effective to point to the fact that the overall circumstances will lead to probable avenues for opportunities at large.

It’ll effectively showcase what the company needs to do in the exact way in which it may propose to act and proceed.

Recognition of External Forces

The external business environment is a very consequential point of consideration for any business out there.

Perhaps this isn’t manifested better than upon consideration of the entirety of the factors that either present opportunities or challenges in the way of its success. Therefore, consideration of the external environment is exceptionally important.

If you want services that’ll indicate the truest form of organic marketing, you can certainly, look for an opportunity to present your case here at Digital Marketing Company in Noida or +91 9873223232

Components of a Great Website Design and the Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing

Components of a Great Website Design and the Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing.png
A well-designed, well-implemented and well-maintained website acts as the heart of business operations and marketing efforts. After planning and considering every aspect of your digital marketing plan. Your website can help you meet all these commercial and marketing goals efficiently. This way you will be able to take advantage of the importance of web design in digital marketing.

How to determine if your website is well designed to achieve your business and marketing goals? Make sure the website has the following key components of a well-designed site: 

  1. Friendly user experience
    Friendly user experience.png
When designing your website and planning your brand image, always keep users in mind. Make sure your website is so easy to use intuitively. Otherwise, users will lose interest and leave.
Make sure it is easy for users to find and click on all the links on your website, and make sure that the website loading speed is fast. The website must also be displayed correctly every time users access it on their mobile devices.

Google now considers website loading speeds and mobile ease of use as key ranking factors in its search results pages. If you want your website to have a high ranking on Google, you must optimize it for these factors. Users also love to visit websites on mobile devices and want them to load quickly. This way you will understand the importance of web design in digital marketing.
  1. Search engine optimized (SEO)
    Search engine optimized (SEO).png
When addressing web design with SEO in mind, you should think about the goals you want the website to achieve in the long term. The latest trends in web design come and go all the time. However, your online presence and brand image is something you want to remain and remain intact.
Therefore, do not emphasize or worry too much about fleeting web design trends. Instead, focus more on the functionality of the website and the user experience. 
  1. Conversion Optimization
The design of a website has a great impact on conversion rates. A good design improves conversion rates and vice versa. Therefore, you should pay attention to the main elements of your website design that affects conversion rates.
Conversion Optimization.jpg

These are the main design elements that affect conversion rates in terms of the importance of digital marketing by Digital Marketing Company in Noida:
  • Navigation
  • Colour
  • Use the correct phrases
  • Brand
The brand is like an investment that multiplies over time. It is that additional identification factor that makes your audience confident in your products. Brand elements such as packaging, trademarks, logos, names, and slogans are key. With them, you can establish the correct perceptions of your business and brand in the minds of customers. People will only pay attention to and buy from the brands they respect and trust.

The chances of increasing conversion rates increase when a reliable partnership is created between the products offered and a reliable brand. Carefully select all the different design elements of your website, including color and graphics, to link them to a reliable brand. This can be an effective strategy that develops your brand and improves your market position with the help of Web Development Company in Delhi
The trend of web design on your entire digital marketing strategy is enormous. That is why you should consider the importance of web design for digital marketing. From the user experience of the website to the development of the brand, SEO and social networks. Web design plays a vital role in the perception of your brand. Take the opportunity to ensure that your business thrives in the digital age.  

What a Web Designing Company should strive to be today?


The entire case of proposing website development and design is closely related to the expectations and standards that are prevalent all throughout the industry.

However, with regards to the number of outsourcing partners, there could possibly be, the questions all point to the something- what a web designing company should actually be.

They can actually, reflect many things in relation to what is actually needed, and can essentially enhance the process along the way.


That’s why here are the things that denote the ideal version of such a company in 2019.


Full dissemination and extension that details and records all information

There is, in fact, so great variances in pathways, processes, and allocations of technology that it’s legitimately hard to keep track of it.

But, what a web the designing service provider should make sure that all relevant advantages and possible risks should be noted with their primary marketing mix.

This shall ensure a level of legitimacy, as well as the main driving factor influencing sales.


An objectified approach to the entire scenario


What most businesses now expect from their partners are underlying considerations and allocations made with the purpose to make one another’s business goals more relatable and consequential.

This is what makes the value of everything that a business might possess, and the overall solution looks to improve or safeguard a business cause through any means necessary.

For instance, the best SEO company in Delhi should be completely able to understand and comprehensive needs in the way of provisioning the best possible answers and activities that need to be taken.


A streak for innovation and ideas

The world of technology is always at a dynamic state presenting new changes and improvements upon what was old.

This relates to a greater possibility for businesses to take advantage of brand new ideas and concepts. These can essentially turn any such entity’s entire concern upside down.

In terms of responding to any possible situation, there is nothing like it no matter how you look at it.

Please keep in mind that the best web designing company is the one that can best realize your visions and ideas. Searching for something and finding one that is, in your mind, the very definition of ‘perfect’, however, might be closer than you imagine.  

Approaches to follow while Online Advertising.

Know where the major audience can reach that advertisement. This may help in focusing the core areas where you may find the right customers which will increase your investment outcomes probability. Whichever country, state, area or the location or a group of people you choose, that only should reach to right people which is worth. This must be done at the time of advertising only.
You must be sure to target the locations where your customers are depending on the domain you are working on. Advertising also depends on the nature of work you are doing for example- service based- that which type of service you are proving & to whom you want to provide the service. Second, the product based work to whom you want to sell your product or item.
Social Media Marketing Agency NCR

 “Language” is one of the important aspects to consider. You must advertise in the same language the audience wants to see the particular ads. Generally, ads should be hit on small areas first for successful visibility criteria & better results. Do not forget to exclude the areas where the need for that advertisement is irrelevant. This is very generous & cost effective aspects of Social Media Marketing

Digital Advertising

“Time” should again be an effective parameter for online advertising& Digital Marketing. You should keep in noticing continuously that at what time do the target the audience will be able to see your advertisements for example- slots of time divided to run an advertisement online after or during working hours or in weekends or weekdays depending upon the nature of the business of the client.
The relevant content should reach the right audience depending on the search history of the user or the past location websites he/she visited. Various tools can be used to track the demand of user & run the advertisement accordingly. Apart from advanced technologies, s & strategiesTechCentrica shows N number of ways that how to deal & run the advertisement online. The successful branding will increase the market profits in return to the client's company as an end result    

The Prominent Changes Happening Across Web Designing and Digital Marketing in 2019

The year certainly started with a lot of momentum in the online subset of the technology sector. The different aspects of it are constantly shifting and mutating, and it is expected that the entire industry will be affected by it.

If you are taking the initiative in contacting any Web Designing Company in Delhi NCR, it is preferable that you are aware of the changes being made. It is important because outcomes are going to be quite different than what you may have come to expect previously.

So, at least in connection with Web Designing, and what it portends for its associated services like digital marketing, these are the observations made by industry experts and leaders.

The Rising Significance of Local SEO

Businesses in all types, shapes and forms are making use of web technology to reach a far wider scope of the audience than without. However, over the years, businesses and their locales have shared a far deeper and more facilitating bond in terms of getting things done.

Expectantly, this shall be the case for 2019, as local SEO digital marketing will supposedly shape itself in accordance with the needs, deep connections and advantages under the connecting sense of getting things done. It shall affect the website designing industry in an extended sort of relationship.

Purpose and Vision Have Become the Core Tenets of Marketing

If you are out of touch with the digital marketing scene of today, you will tentatively realize the sea change happening in the industry all around.

Long gone are the marketing departments focusing solely about the campaigns and the contents of various tools utilized for the same. Far more importance is given on the exact conceptualization and translation of the organization goals across any Top SEO Company in Delhi NCR.

Multimedia and Interactivity Is Evolving

While a case has to be made for the sheer essential nature of written content, the way audiences consuming it is consequently changing- often drastically and leaving multiple trends behind.

You might want to focus, and create your entire brand through it lest you want to experience lesser interest, and losing attention as a result.

It is very important to recognize all of these changes happening alongside others too. You will find that only the top-tier Website Designing Company is able to understand and relate to these changes in a very practical way.


Tips to do before going to a digital agency for Online Reputation

Online reputation management company in Noida

There are mainly two types of online reputation i.e. good and bad online reputation. Having a good online reputation will escalate sales, and draw in more clients to your company. One particularly important customer with a bad experience can have a significant impact on thousands of others. One ill-suggested post on a social platform can turn your business into an object of ridicule. One discreditable executive can bring the entire company into disrepute. If there is any scope of negative review or if your information is incorrect, you run the risk of losing business.

Now since you know the difference between a good and a bad online reputation, we share with you tips on how to build up an online reputation for your business.

1. It's better to be early than late 

As in every business field, a well-fortified the foundation is mandatory to build up an excellent online reputation. It is better to start early before the negative situations start creeping in. Therefore, do not hold over the task of building up an online reputation. The earlier you start, the better it is for your business.

2. A professional touch can do wonders

Discover the professional side of your personality and apply it in your online brand. Publish a couple of professionally taken photos and images. Use them continually to outrank the inappropriate or demeaning photos that might come up anytime.

3. Your online domain should be registered

Register your business domain to accelerate exact searches. It is highly recommended not to use any spelling variants because exact searches always rank better on the SERP. If you find the domain name has already been taken by someone else, try to purchase it from the owner. Register the domain name for as long as possible to prevent other businesses from acquiring it when it comes for renewal.

4. Highlight your positive sides.

You should highlight positive reviews and upvotes which have been received on your website content with a link. Share it with your social media acquaintances and encourage engagement. It can definitely help increase your online reputation.

5. Take criticism in your stride

Mistakes are a part of life, we take action and we learn from them. It is always better to be humble and take denunciation in your stride. It shows your strong character and helps you to get better. When you accept criticism sportingly, it raises the respect you have online thereby clearing the way towards developing a strong reputation online.

6. Generate positive reviews

The best way to create positive reviews is to provide customer service of the highest order. Positive reviews influence people to try out their services and products. It is similar to increasing positivity. Just as a positive approach helps you to develop your strong presence, positive reviews go a long way in improvising your online reputation.


A perfect brand image is a god for all industries. A technically centered company like TechCentrica- Online Reputation Marketing Company Noida, working on digital marketing always focus on the there client brand image for the growth of its client’s business as well as for itself.

Mobile First Indexing and its Effects on SEO

Indexing is the way of stockpiling WebPages into Google search. Based on which meta-tag we used (No-index or index), Google will crawl and index our web pages. An index tag means that the page will be included in the web search's index. By default, every WordPress post and pages are indexed.

Mobile First Indexing means we may see auxiliary relevant traffic in our logs from Google-bot Smartphone. We may also examine that snippets in Google search result pages are now created from the mobile version of our content. It is named “mobile-first” because it is not a mobile-only index: for example, if a website does not have a mobile-friendly version, the desktop site can still be considered in the index. But the absence of mobile-friendly knowledge could impact unpleasantly on the Google rankings of that site, and a site with a better mobile experience would potentially have ranking improvement to searchers on a desktop version.


Mobile-first indexing drifts the importance of the mobile version of pages to generate better results and experiences for Google’s predominantly mobile users.


Steps to be followed ahead of mobile-first indexing?

If you provide separate mobile and desktop pages or use dynamic content delivery for different device types, make sure you have the following covered before mobile-first indexing turns out.

  • Mobile and Desktop versions of your page have the essential metadata.
  • Mobile and Desktop versions of your page are verified in Search Console.
  • Both versions should cover the same content.
  • Both versions of the page have the required structured data.
  • Any rel=hreflang tags for internationalization contain separate links for both versions.
  • Servers can handle any growth in crawl rate for the mobile version.
  • Both versions have the same and optimized robot.txt directives.
  • Correct use of rel=canonical and rel=alternate connect elements between both versions.

We can improve mobile first indexing by boosting the Website Page Speed, website internal links and place quality content on our website. If you need any technical assistance regarding running technical audits before or after mobile-first indexing, then contact TechCentrica, a Digital Marketing Company in Noida. We are considered as the Top SEO Company in Delhi NCR.


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