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TechCentrica has emerged as one of the Leading Digital Marketing company which is based in Noida with a presence in Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in high-end services in the spectrum of Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing & Online Reputation Management. TechCentrica believes in partnering with the customers over the long-term through the flexible business procedure and delivery models.

How the right Digital Marketing strategy can help your business.

It can be very difficult to integrate your brilliant digital marketing tactics successfully with your web design. Why? Why? Well, it's of no use when you've created the most enticing text, but the actual website is guilty of that user experience and web design errors. In reality, when this is sadly the case, the conflict has already been lost before it has even started.

With the highly competitive nature of the internet, a well-made website design combined with high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) has never been a more effective key to a positive online presence.


  • Increased Traffic

The SEO friendly website will help create a steady flow of traffic that will increase the popularity and confidence of online customers. This confidence is invaluable in maintaining and retrieving online shoppers' returns, and by cleverly integrating keywords and content, companies can draw better-qualified traffic and sales as a result.


  • Better Ranking

If SEO is kept in mind when developing an e-commerce site from the outset, the company's website pages will begin to rank from the outset across all major SEO players such as GoogleBingAsk.com, and Yahoo. Prepackaged web design models can be quickly wooed, because the Web is riddled with them, so it is worth investing in a website that can be used by customers.


  • Boosted ROI

E-Commerce companies will increase their return on investment by introducing SEO right from the start of the design process of the website. The generation of highly focused e-commerce traffic will have a major and positive impact on business revenues.


  • Website Speed

When you use your website to drive company sales, this is of special importance to you. In reality, Amazon came out and said that a page load delay of 1 second might cost the company as much as $1.6 billion a year in missed revenue. This is simply because users are going to leave a website that is loading too slowly. Google has noted that this is a major user experience issue and therefore looks more favorable on sites that are loaded faster.



Successfully finding the right balance between web development and SEO strategies is not always easy, but start close to home and start to find out which simple changes might make a big difference for your target customer. Combining both innovation and strategic SEO preparation, businesses may create websites that are aesthetically pleasing, highly / easily accessible, and that achieve a high search engine ranking.


If you want to create a website that not only looks fantastic but also ranks well, work with a company that's well versed in SEO and web design/development. TechCentrica is a Digital Marketing Company in Noida specializing in the design and development of the websites of its clients. As a Web Development Company, they develop a stunning web presence with an effective search engine optimization strategy. They offer a comprehensive suite of SEO and web development services.